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Need to go beyond simple email sending? Mailjet Premium Features are here for you. Available as an add-on for paying plans, our Premium Features allow you to easily segment your contact lists, test several variations of your email and compare campaign results to enhance future sendings.



Always send the right content to the right customer. Segment your contact list by preferences, past behaviors or demographics such as most purchased item, frequency of engagement or age. Optimize your content and collect deep, targeted insights send after send.

Dynamic sections create increased personalization.
An automated email marketing campaign.


Automation Workflow

Being able to automatically engage with contacts at key moments is key for long lasting customer relationships. Create automatic customer-centric communications to seamlessly increase the KPIs that matter to your business.


Ask Your Deliverability Expert

Our dedicated team of deliverability experts is committed to helping you resolve your deliverability challenges with step by step actions to help your emails reach your subscribers’ inboxes.

Mailjet's support experts help with deliverability.
Mailjet's A/B testing feature.


A/X Testing

Don't guess when you can be certain. Run an A/B test to find the best time, subject line or call-to-action to engage your customers with. Or, for more advanced senders, use our A/X testing tool to run multivariate testing to experiment with up to 10 variations.


Campaign Comparison

The success of your email program goes beyond individual campaigns. Campaign Comparison helps you build the bigger picture by grouping like email campaigns and averaging results to create benchmarks. Compare multiple benchmarks to find trends across customer demographics, send time and more.

Mailjet's campaign optimization allowing for advanced statistics.

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